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Fingerprint lock price and selection skills

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  With the popularization of smart home, fingerprint lock has also been widely used in our daily life. But want to buy the fingerprint lock, we want to relate its price range and buy a skill.
  Fingerprint lock price
  A fingerprint lock at least with a fingerprint door with mechanical open the door, mechanical key to open the door is the national law. If you have attached a password, proximity card and the like to open the door, the price is high naturally. Fingerprint lock on the market vary in price, there are high and low, ordinary type fingerprint lock 1500 to 4000 yuan, the villa type higher. Overall, consumers need according to their own needs and purchasing power, a comprehensive comparison of product cost. The general principle is what you pay for.
  Fingerprint lock purchase guide
  A: look at the material
  Fingerprint lock the production of the three main materials, namely, plastic, zinc alloy, stainless steel. Among them, the durability of plastic, fire, explosion worst performance, followed by zinc alloy, stainless steel best. As domestic security environment is complex, so the domestic fingerprint lock is generally based on zinc alloy, and a small amount of stainless steel fingerprint lock. For the national conditions, the domestic consumers in the choice of fingerprint lock the best choice of stainless steel fingerprint lock, and need to remember, "a look at two knock three 掂 volume" of the purchase tactic.
  A look: look look. Three kinds of material fingerprint lock in the appearance of almost no big difference, thanks to the modern (modern decoration renderings) superb plating technology, different materials will be electroplated appearance almost similar to metal. Fingerprint lock plastic materials generally smooth surface, gorgeous color, and zinc alloy a little rough and sub-color point, the most rough and sub-color stainless steel.
  Two knock: If it is difficult to "see" the fingerprint lock material, we can use the "knock" to be judged. Gently tap the side of the body with your fingers (the front due to the touch screen and other components of different materials to judge), if the sound cloudy or more open, then the general is more likely plastic, stainless steel finger lock knock Strike up sound more sharp focus, not much sense of proliferation, penetrating power is better, and the zinc alloy in view of the two, the sound is not sharp stainless steel, but many clear and clear than the plastic products.
  Three amount: If you use the "look" and "knock" two ways are not able to determine the fingerprint lock material is good or bad, then you can use one of the most simple and most useful way to measure, that is, "weigh", we all know The three materials which one is lighter and heavier, plastic lock even if the internal component is sufficient (generally plastic lock internal parts material is plastic or its inferior material) and zinc alloy or stainless steel there will be some differences, It's
  Second: try function
  Here, the "test function" refers to "three open twice," "three open" refers to fingerprint unlock, password unlock and magnetic card unlock, "twice" refers to the reaction speed and accuracy, that is, the test of these three Open the door speed and accuracy.
  First, test the speed and accuracy of fingerprint unlocking. First let the clerk enter your fingerprint, which is also a step test fingerprint lock function. Fingerprinting, the staff look at the difficulty of fingerprinting, if a fingerprint can not be identified more than once, you can almost determine the resolution of the fingerprint lock is not high (the higher the resolution, the more accurate identification, the faster the reaction, the safe The sex is better.At present the industry standard of fingerprint lock resolution is 500dpi, the highest standard that can be reached now is 560dpi of Geely fingerprint lock). After entering the fingerprint, random fingerprint test fingerprint identification and response speed of the correct fingerprint, if the finger that is open, then it's faster response, otherwise slow. The faster the response, the better the resolution. Similarly, if you can quickly identify true and false fingerprints, then its accuracy is good, otherwise poor. Test the best to test several times, only a few more tests to better identify its advantages and disadvantages.
  Second, test the card and password unlock. Magnetic card unlock and fingerprint unlock test the same way, but also to test the reaction speed and accuracy, respectively, with the authorized magnetic card and unauthorized magnetic card in the magnetic card area were tested to see the lock on the magnetic card response and identification, if the reaction speed, then Lock performance is good, otherwise poor. The password to open the door is also measured reaction speed and accuracy, the test method is also used in the correct and incorrect two alternative, the faster the reaction that the higher the technical content, and the higher the accuracy, the higher the safety.
  Third, see the ferrule
  Fingerprint lock, in addition to look at the lock, ferrule is also a very important part of this part will often be ignored by consumers. Look at the ferrule can proceed from three aspects: First, see the ferrule material, see the ferrule lock point, see the function of the ferrule.
  A look at the material: Ferrule material and shell are divided into plastic, alloy, stainless steel three. Ferrule will not be plated, consumers can easily identify. As the ferrule placed in the door, so many companies on the ferrule material is more casual, generally used within the industry ferrule stainless steel, but the ferrule shell is made of alloy or plastic, this ferrule not only anti-violence ability is weak, and fire Performance is also weak, not conducive to safety. Geely fingerprint lock is the industry's only ferrule all made of stainless steel products, its ruggedness and fire performance are several times higher than ordinary materials.
  Second look at the lock point: see the plug in addition to see the material, but also need to pay attention to the lock of the mortise. Fingerprint lock ferrule lock points are mainly divided into single tongue and multiple lock point two. Single-tongue lock cylinder is more secure than multi-lock point, anti-pry and explosion-proof performance is poor, generally in developed countries and Japan and South Korea and other regions to use more, but not suitable for the domestic complex security environment. Therefore, it is recommended that domestic consumers, in the choice of fingerprint lock is best to look at the ferrule, and select the explosion-proof tamper-proof multi-point locking mortise.
  Third look at the function: Now on the market, the plug is generally divided into the hotel (hotel decoration renderings) lock ferrule, put the ferrule, generous tongue automatically pop-up ferrules and multi-lock point pop-up plug. Hotel lock ferrule available card prized open, poor safety performance; use to mention the ferrule, close the door when you need to mention about the handle to lock the door, easy to forget to lock, does not meet consumer habits; generous tongue automatically pop up Ferrule, to solve the shortcomings of the mention of the ferrule, but still can not automatically control the world pole; and as the fourth generation of multi-lock body from the mortise plug is by far the most superior ferrule, the strongest anti-theft function, the use of It is also the most convenient.
  Fourth, look at additional services
  Fingerprint lock of the high-tech decision it is not a general merchandise, need to be installed through professional and technical personnel to normal use, but also encountered problems in the use of the process also need professionals to solve, so be sure to ask the purchase of clear installation related to after-sale service.
  Due to fierce market competition, many fingerprint lock brands can provide corresponding services now. However, due to technical and personnel issues, many enterprises outsource their installation services to local decoration or decoration personnel and can not solve customer's problems well. Consumers choose the lock, the best choice of better-known brands, select the local stores or repair point of the brand, these brands generally have a professional installation department, the installation staff are sent through a unified training, in the technology And services are more guaranteed.
  6 Fingerprint lock body above the fingerprint collection window in use for a long time, the collection panel surface will have some dirt, which is likely to affect the sensitivity of fingerprint entry, should be regularly wiped off with a soft cloth dust.
  Fingerprint lock purchase standards
  First, security
  After installing the fingerprint lock, the function of the security door should not be affected. There is no obvious safety hazard lock.
  Second, stability
  Fingerprint lock is the most important indicator, generally require more than one year after the actual use will slowly stabilize, stereotypes. Consumers the best choice when buying the main production fingerprint lock manufacturers. Such enterprises generally have better production experience. R & D experience is the best stability factor.
  Third, versatility
  Should apply most of the domestic security door (in line with the 2008 version of the national standard anti-theft door), less modification. Good fingerprint lock installation time should not exceed 30 minutes. Otherwise users are generally difficult to complete their own installation and maintenance. Universal design well, but also can effectively reduce dealer inventory. For direct users, the choice of a good general-purpose lock, after the sale can be easily resolved, just a mechanical lock or the original lock can be installed back.
  Fourth, intelligence
  To add, delete and other operations, should be very simple, users do not have to remember too many passwords and codes. High-performance fingerprint lock is also equipped with video display system, user operation more convenient.
  Five, function
  Select the function of the lock, on the one hand to meet their own needs, on the other hand is the quality of the election lock. A good business is often not less than 5 high school fingerprint lock for users to choose from. Users generally choose to use their own products: There are used to enter the door, divided into metal doors and wooden doors, with the user interior doors, common to wooden doors, but also for the wooden doors of villas and so on. The basic functions commonly used are:
  (1) Can open the door for many people's fingerprints (often not only one or two people in a home or office), product quality should be stable, good performance;
  (2) You can open the door in decentralized mode (it is impossible to let the head of household and nanny, cleaning tools have the same open door management authority);
  (3) free to increase or decrease the open fingerprints (nanny left to easily remove her fingerprints);
  (4) It is best to have inquiry record function (you can check the record at any time, sometimes it can be the key evidence, usually with the display screen);
  (5) the appropriate password function (fingerprint part after all, the electronic part may be bad when the temporary head of the household can use the password to open the door), in the choice of time try not to choose too prominent password function products, after all, the password as fingerprint security . There are usually 4 keys and 12 keys two kinds. As far as possible in everyday life do not use the password to open the door, you can effectively avoid being stolen;
  (6) must have a mechanical key, which is a way to open the door, like the aircraft, although the auto state of the car, but still retain the manual control section, which is a safety consideration:
  Any electronic parts have the possibility of error, relatively speaking, to stabilize the mechanical part of the more mechanical lock to retain the home as the home to open the door way, you can lock the electronic part of the problem in time to open the door and facilitate maintenance. Imagine if there was a fire at home, or the thief did not pry open the door and damaged the electronic part of what do you do? Do not covet the so-called psychological so-called security, and set aside the kind of choice of mechanical door without the door lock. In fact, the use of fingerprint lock, the most important is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of fingerprint lock, fingerprint lock need to enhance the security, you can make the fingerprint lock connected to the smart home system. At present, some fingerprint lock manufacturers reserve a development port for a fingerprint lock. In an intelligent home, only the fingerprint lock needs to be simply developed to monitor the status of the fingerprint lock in real time, so as to improve the security of the fingerprint lock.
  (7) choose a good lock cylinder. Mechanical key cylinder is directly related to your door pry and stability. This part is also very important, no matter how good the fingerprint lock is, finally it can not be separated from the lock cylinder. Under normal circumstances the strength of the fingerprint lock manufacturers will choose high-end cylinder, this product quality will be able to be guaranteed. The most obvious is that consumers can especially look at the number of keys and the number of shades. Try to select the number of marbles and the number of files more than depth. The number of shades of the file several times, is the key to the mechanical key volume, the greater the key, the better security. National standards generally require at least Class A lock, a good fingerprint lock manufacturers generally configure the super B-class mechanical key.
  (8), other fancy function is best not to. Basically not practical, more than one function more than a bad possibility, the product is not repaired after repair is your repair, repair, maintenance personnel will receive your maintenance fee (home is not free).
  Sixth, style
  For the lock style of choice, people have their own good, this part is not conclusive. In general, look at the material and choose appearance and color. Currently on the market more than the body of the lock body of stainless steel and zinc alloy, but also aluminum, plastic. If it is to enter the door must choose stainless steel or zinc alloy, if it is the bedroom and other interior doors, it does not matter. Surface treatment is also very crucial, some products look luxurious glamorous look (especially the online picture is the design renderings or processed photos), but the user bought a home for some time will find the handle or other Frequent signs of fading may occur.

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