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Fingerprint lock

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  As we all know, fingerprint lock has brought a lot of convenience to people's modern life, for example, the most basic, get rid of the trouble of carrying the key, also put an end to the possibility of losing the key, naturally less then a thief Ways, other aspects of the convenience I believe we all know, even consumers, as long as the fingerprint lock where businesses ask, you can get the answer.
  The emergence of fingerprint lock is undoubtedly a revolution in the lock industry, which also led to business opportunities, so there are many people fought, many manufacturers joined the revolution, so there is now the situation of a hundred schools of thought, all kinds of Fingerprint lock manufacturers, abound, all kinds of mushroomed ground, however, the development of an industry and full name recognition speed and national Shin Natsume are inseparable.
  Not to mention foreign fingerprinting manufacturers, on the fingerprint fingerprinting manufacturers in our country, as few as hundreds, as many as thousands, of which good and bad, quite a mixed bag, "today I heard that the fingerprint lock is good, well, I do fingerprint lock, There are market prospects, "no matter whether they have this knowledge, there will always be so good things who are brave forward, but the laws of nature is always the survival of the fittest, but this gives consumers understanding of the fingerprint lock and cognitive brought No small impact, leading to some consumers do not trust the fingerprint lock, but it also depends on people's consumption philosophy. And understanding of product knowledge is not comprehensive enough, of course, these are closely related, interlocking. Loss of trust in consumers, naturally reducing the consumer, then consumers naturally will not be too concerned about the fingerprint lock, resulting in such a situation.
  As of June 2015, the number of households in China has reached 430 million. Of these, more than 50% are in urban areas and the number is rising with the urbanization of rural areas. However, the share of 50% actually owns about 65% of their own housing, which means about 140 million households (of course, some are double regulated Except for some unknown reasons, there are about 100 million or so 100000000 cakes, which are indeed not small. However, about 80% of the 100 million households now have fingerprints locked Local survey results), that is, 80 million. However, there are still about 70 million fewer people who have lost their suspicion of fingerprint locks and have lost their confidence after alignment. This is only conservative data. However, The actual data is far more than just such a point.
  What should we do in the face of today's situation? How can we push this transitory industry into transit by birth? Before we can solve this problem, we must understand clearly the current situation of the industry And some of the problems that arise, to be the most simple test, walk in the street, randomly asked ten people, can know smart lock no more than 4 people, another one, can know smart lock industry-famous brands may not one at all To What does this phenomenon mean? What caused this phenomenon? In the face of this situation, we should do?