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The new favorite locks Leipzig intelligent door locks features

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  With the development of science and technology, intelligent products are gradually entering our daily life. Intelligent locks have also started to move from real estate facilities to retail terminals. Its emergence has brought convenience and greatly increased the home's safety factor.
  The so-called smart locks, is to give the door lock some intelligent features, such as radio frequency card unlock, fingerprint identification unlock, face recognition unlock, voice unlock, tamper alarm, virtual password, remote unlock, remote unlock and other functions.
  First, the radio frequency card unlock
  Advantages: more storage of information, a card used, no need to bring the key, easy to operate, strong security.
  Disadvantages: poor reliability of magnetic cards, easy to be copied, need to be properly kept, once lost, the need to cancel the authorization.
  Shenzhen Feizi Smart Lock: not only can configure ordinary RF card, you can also configure ID card, bank card, etc., more secure than the traditional radio frequency card.
  Second, fingerprint identification unlock
  Advantages: the user rights management is very useful, users are free to authorize. This function is very useful.
  Disadvantages: entry and delete fingerprints need to operate cumbersome, inconvenient enough, fingerprinting, peeling, hand dirty and other personnel identification is not very sensitive.
  Shenzhen Esophagus smart lock: automatic memory repair function, recognition sensitivity, programming by TV menu-based operation, the entire process with liquid crystal display and voice navigation.
  Third, voice prompts
  In use, start the voice function, guide the user to open the door throughout the operation, allowing users to know each step of the operation is correct, and prompts the user the next step in the operation.
  Advantages: make the operation easier to understand.
  This feature is very useful for the elderly or children, so that they can be handy during the operation, reducing their psychological exclusion of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation.
  Disadvantages: voice prompts as a unified recording, the voice is too mechanized, mobility and intimacy is not strong. In addition, the general voice operation tips only Mandarin and English, for those who do not understand the two languages of the elderly and children this function is ineffective.
  Shenzhen, Egypt Feizi smart lock: the establishment of voice libraries, screening out from hundreds of voice out of the highest level of acceptance. At the same time equipped with a display to lift the voice of the elderly and children do not understand the problem.
  Fourth, tamper alarm
  Encounter abnormal opening and external violence damage, or the door lock is not effectively locked, immediately issued an alarm, attracting attention, as the car alarm.
  Advantages: a strong alarm sound, to attract the attention of people around effectively prevent the thieves of illegal activities. For more complicated living environment, this function is more useful.
  Disadvantages: alarm system temporarily unable to connect the district or police security system, can not automatically alarm. For night mist collision alarm is very noisy.
  Shenzhen Fei Feizi smart lock: the user can choose to turn off and turn on the function, and can adjust the volume
  Fifth, the virtual password
  Before or after the correct password to add more than one or more groups of garbled, as long as the correct data in this group of consecutive passwords can open the fingerprint lock.
  Advantages: to prevent password snooping
  Disadvantages: The use of this feature is one of the most discussed non-functional features fingerprint lock community. Since the user can use the correct password + garbled to open the door, the thief must remember that user just used that password group, of course, you can open the door. Unless, the dummy password has the same password + garbled can not use the second function.
  Shenzhen Levis intelligent lock: virtual password for the dynamic password, that is, each time the password is inconsistent. But need to batch customization.
  Six, remote unlock
  Through the remote control button, within a certain distance to control the opening of the door lock. And the car automatically unlock the same function.
  Advantages: higher intelligence, better able to meet the needs of different groups of people.
  For example, in the company, the boss will lock the office door, when a subordinate knock on the door, press the door open button to open the door, but also to prevent the rush of visitors. If you lock the door, when the employee to report the work boss often have to get up to open the door, very inconvenient. This feature just solved the problem.
  Disadvantages: can not be connected to the Internet, only within a certain range through the control button to control the door lock.
  Shenzhen Feizi smart lock: multiple remote control distance can be guaranteed at 500 meters above the wall.
  Seven, open the door remotely
  This feature is connected to the Internet, in any part of the world can be controlled by mobile phone locks;
  Advantages: to further enhance the smart fingerprint lock, when parents or relatives and friends visit, they are not at home, through this feature remote control locks, let them go.
  Disadvantages: When no one is at home, if you accidentally touch this function to open the door, and they did not pay attention, the consequences could be disastrous.
  Shenzhen Levis intelligent lock: you can monitor the situation at home, but the unlock must be the other party issued an order, the party agreed to unlock before, that is, two-way contact, accidentally touch the lock can not be opened.