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Product Introduction
  Fingerprint can be flexible transfer, according to the different needs of users choose optical or semiconductor fingerprints, according to their different characteristics to meet the needs of different markets.
  Surface technology, using two completely different processes. Plating process Red bronze: noble, elegant, highlight the taste of luxury, more easily with most of the door on the market. Bright gold paint technology: Profile, generous, young, personal, and baking process and car paint, the use of PPG automatic spraying, to withstand years of wind and sun.
Product Details

  1, the panel size (mm) 310 * 70 * 28
  2, GM 6052 lock body (can be directly GM existing 6068 lock body), the handle by the next big king lock body (can be directly used by the existing General Mechanical Kinglord lock body), the handle by the Xiaoshao lock body A mechanical handsome lock body)
  3, the door thickness (mm) 45 ~ 105
  4, the surface of the overall zinc alloy die-casting
  5, the appearance of the craft using brushed red bronze and PPG automatic spraying bright gold
  6, passwords, cards, machinery, APP and other multiple open the door
  7, the international standard 12-bit button number
  8, subjective and objective management
  9,300 key capacity (password, card)
  10, open the record automatically save the recent 200
  11, and support fake key alarm, when the input fake secret key five times, automatically lock, duration is 3 minutes
  12, low voltage alarm, low voltage alarm can also be turned on 50-80 times
  13, anti-peep virtual password function
  14, double four AA batteries, can be used normally for two years
  15, external Andrews USB interface emergency, more convenient
  16, super C-class mechanical cylinder
  17, high and low temperature working environment: -10 ℃ - +50 ℃ (± 5 ℃)
  18, working humidity: ≤ 90% RH

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